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(a potential means of remedy i) accidentally found.

LETTING GO : A 12-Week Personal Action Program to Overcome a Broken Heart

This is what I am currently reading.

Not to brag or exaggerating, just got this book when I wandered alone —a.k.a. meng-geje, jalan-jalan sendirian ga jelas juntrungan, redlast week in one of the biggest (or maybe the biggest, it is, CMIIW¹) bookstore in Bandung.

Never really intended to buy this cheap imported secondhand book —neither ever thought that I (might) need it too—, just a simple spontaneity, (plus a thought about a friend —whom i blind-guessed, might need to read it, too— that crossed my mind),  successfully made me went home with this book, in my handbag.

Here’s the funny thing I read behind the book :

“Devastated by breakup or divorce? Shocked, depressed, humiliated, haunted by painful memories? Don’t wait for time to heal the hurt and restore your self-confidence. “

Me got broke up or divorce? Hell, NO. Same answers go to the following adjectives behind that sentence.

It has 318 pages, have it bookmarked on page 47, and keep going.

But till now, I just don’t know the answer, why I keep reading this stupid book.


¹ CMIIW : Correct Me If I’m Wrong, tolong benerin kalo salah.. heuheu..