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  • (IF) I really, really love you (THEN) Why do I “as easy as that” to let you go? Why I pretend you are the one by stop chasing you? Why I pretend you are not exist by stop calling or texting or whatever?

  • (IF) I’m not that into you (THEN) Why do I regret by letting you go? Why can’t I stop thinking of you every single minutes? Why can’t I just moved on? Why can’t I just get over you?

  • Just read those on my friend’s blog, had a glimpse of thought about just the same questions, and my brother just happen to work on his Turbo Pascal homework, successfully remind me of those basic logical functions in programming..

    What is the logic of love?

    Googled it.. and found a superbly logical answer on Yahoo!Answer.. —indeed, agree with him— 😀

    Nature has preprogrammed MEN with a mechanism that works like this:


    Well, women have a similar mechanism. But I think that the female version is MORE COMPLEX.

    Yes, women do feel attraction for extremely handsome men… but they feel a MUCH STRONGER ATTRACTION for certain PERSONALITY TRAITS and BEHAVIORS than they do for physical looks alone. Both these feelings are hard-wired into our brains.

    Oh, yes, apparently i had myself wrote about physics of love, too —in way different point of view, of course—, way loooong before, when midterms subjects were only Basics —those stressful Basics— : Basic Chemicals, Basic Calculus, and Basic Physics, and life would be so much easier than today…

    Things change, friends got married, guys come and go, and here I am, questioning myself about this?

    Oh, puh-lease, Njul…